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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welfare Wifeys by K'wan

Welfare Wifeys by K'wan

Rating: 4

Headline: There Goes the Neighborhood

Welfare Wifeys by K’wan continues with the characters Animal, Don B., Gucci and the Big Dawg crew. Animal, who is now a big-time hip hop star, has relocated to Texas but is now returning to New York for a promotional tour and he is back for revenge. His girlfriend, Gucci, is overjoyed that he is returning but she does not know that he has an ulterior motive.

In Welfare Wifeys some new characters are introduced by the names of Malika, Tionna, and Jada. Malika is a young woman living in public housing and is trying to escape her rough life by having a relationship with a married man. Section 8 recently relocated Tionna from an inner city apartment to an Upper Manhattan high rise. Her life seems to be coming together until someone from her past arrives. Jada is cold-blooded due to her former environment and she has her eyes set on sitting on top of the ghetto throne.

Just like his other works, K’wan has filled Welfare Wifeys with deceit, drugs, violence, grit, double crossing, and sex. This book could be confusing if the reader has not read his previous works as he does make reference to some backstories. I recommend Welfare Wifeys to those that have read the other books in the Hood Rat saga. K’wan once again proves why he is considered one of hip-hop fiction’s hottest writers.

This book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.
Tiffany C.

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