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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Confessional Heart of a Man by The Greatest Poet Alive

Title: The Confessional Heart of a Man
Author: The Greatest Poet Alive
Rating: 4/5
Headline: A Man Exposing his Soul

“The Confessional Heart of a Man” is a collection of poetry by a writer that goes by the pen name of The Greatest Poet Alive. What makes this collection of poetry so unique is that it is very rare to see a man really expose such raw emotions and thoughts. The collection covers a wide arrangement of topics that are all based on real life experiences such as love, lust, betrayal, anger, and hurt. 

I truly liked that GPA turned some of his poems into actual stories meaning they were continued throughout the book. This book is a very quick read. I would recommend this poetry collection to others as we are rarely given a glimpse into the male psyche. 

This book was provided to me courtesy of the author for review purposes.

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