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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Every Woman's Got A Secret by Brenda L. Thomas

Every Woman's Got A Secret by Brenda L. Thomas

Rating: 2

Every Woman's Got A Secret follows Caroline, a very popular and successful vee-jay. Her employer decides to take her show on the road and hires an intern, Mari, to help make this happen. Mari seems to be the perfect intern, coming up with great and exciting show ideas and just falling into place with the show. But she is a very private about her personal life as if she has something to hide. Over time, Caroline and Mari develop a close friendship and then all of the deception, intrigue, romance and murder begin.

This book did not live up to the billing. I was quite intrigued by the opening of the book but it did not live up to the hype. The storyline became quite predictable and did not have me wondering what would happen next. I continued to read the book to the end as I have enjoyed some of the author's other work. But, this book did not entertain me as other books written by Brenda L. Thomas. 

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