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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tour Secrets 2 by Winkk

Tour Secrets 2 by Winkk

More Explosive Than the First!
Rating: 5

Tour Secrets 2 begins exactly where the first book ended. The author, Winkk, continues the story of childhood friends, Raven and Music, on another world tour. They are now on tour as dancers for their childhood friend, now platinum selling recording artist, Que. In Tour Secrets 2 we learn that childhood friendships mean a lifelong list of secrets between the trio.

More secrets, lies, and rumors are exposed in this book. Friendships are tested and the secrets that are exposed will either strengthen or destroy them. Music and Raven are surprised at the type of person Que has become since becoming a superstar, and he is now the source for their continued drama. As more secrets are revealed from the first book, Music, who is the central character, is pushed to her edge. It is unclear if she will be able to continue working in the entertainment industry or even handle life in general.

Tour Secrets 2 is even more entertaining than the first book in the series. Winkk has completely outdone herself with this book. I was emotionally exhausted when I finished reading this book because I could visualize the words coming to life. I highly recommend Tour Secrets 2 by Winkk.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes. 

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