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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dreams Thrown Away by Saunders Bailey

Title: Dreams Thrown Away
Author: Dilsa Saunders Bailey
Rating: 5
Headline: What a Debut!

Dreams Thrown is the story of Kalina Harris. She is getting ready to head off to college when her father, who is a preacher, murders her mother and then commits suicide. Kalina has no other family in town so she is sent to live with an aunt in Philadelphia. Kalina’s life takes another unfortunate turn and she is forced to live on the streets alone.

While trying to survive, Kalina meets one of the Banks’ men who takes her home and cleans her up. The patriarch of the family, 74-year-old Jordan, takes Kalina into his home with the intention of transforming her from a young girl into a sophisticated woman. Jordan develops feelings for Kalina, but she only has eyes for one of his married grandsons. Kalina believes she is living the good life, until her dream world turns into a nightmare.

Bailey has truly written a unique story with full-developed characters. Even though I have never been in the same situation as Kalina, I could identity with the feelings of love, pain, deceit, and the journey to get to happy. Dreams Thrown Away is a definite page turner and worthy of the 5 stars.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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