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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ko’ture: The Untold Story

Title: Ko’ture: The Untold Story
Author: Saunda N. Cunningham
Rating: 3
Headline:  The Anguish of Teen Life

“Koture: The Untold Story” by Saunda N. Cunningham tells the story of a teenage girl named Koture Peterson. Koture is a typical high school senior who is planning her future when she meets basketball player, Vashon. Vashon seems to be a regular high school athlete by day, but at night, he is a drug dealer. Koture finds herself attracted to Vashon and he is determined to make her his girlfriend.

Candice, another new student, becomes fast friends with Koture. Koture tries her best to maintain separate relationships with Candice and Vashon but each of them want to have all of her attention. “Ko’ture’ is a quick read which I was able to finish in one sitting. Issues such as teen pregnancy, sexual orientation, jealousy, and deceit are discussed which make this book a page turner. The drawbacks from “Ko’ture” are that it lacks character development and at times the story jumps all over the place and does not seem to flow.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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